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Best Backpacking Hammock Of 2017

Hammock is an indispensable item for a backpacking trip. The best hammock should meet all requirements of a backpacker: lightweight, convenience, portability and being an ideal shelter at night. In response to high demand for backpacking hammock, manufacturers have introduced thousands of backpacking hammocks with diversity in designs and functions. There are several types of backpacking hammocks that target different requirements. The below list will shortlist the best representative of each type to help you in making decision.

Hybrid hammock/tent – Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson

Lawson Hammock

One of the biggest drawbacks of normal backpacking hammocks is that sometimes you cannot find 2 suitable trees to hand your hammock onto. This hybrid tent/hammock design is a perfect solution to this problem and therefore, is getting more popular nowadays. (more…)